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TitleAdoption of microservices in industrial information systems: a systematic literature review
AuthorParkkonen, Antti
ContributorsAutomaatio ja hydrauliikka – Automation and Hydraulic Engineering; Teknisten tieteiden tiedekunta - Faculty of Engineering Sciences; Tampere University of Technology; Hästbacka, David; Hästbacka, David
AbstractThe internet, digitalization and globalization have transformed customer expectations and the way business is done. Product life cycles have shortened, products need to be customizable, and the production needs to be scalable. These changes reflect also to the industrial operations. Quick technological advancements have increased the role of software in industrial facilities. The software in use has to enable untraditional flexibility, interoperability and scalability. Microservices based architecture has been seen as the state of the art way for developing flexible, interoperable and scalable software. Microservices have been applied to cloud native applications for consumers with enormous success. The goal of this thesis is to analyze how to adopt microservices to indstrial information systems. General information and characteristics of microservices are provided as background information and a systematic literature review is conducted to answer the research problem. Material for the systematic literature review was found from multiple digital libraries and 17 scientific papers matched the set inclusion cirteria. The material was then analyzed with an extensively documentated method. The thesis brought together the available publications on the topic. Guidelines for adopting microservices to industrial information systems were derived based on the analysis. Real time applications need special attention when using microservices architecture, the developers need to use proper tools for the tasks, and the developers and users need to be properly introduced to service-oriented systems. Based on this thesis microservices seems like a suitable approach for developing flexible industrial information systems, which satisfy the new business requirements.
Typefi= Diplomityö | en=Master’s thesis (technology)|; masterThesis
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