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TitleAggregated space heater model for power system frequency control analysis
TitleAggregoitu sähkölämmityskuormamalli sähköverkon taajuussäädön analyysiin
AuthorLehtonen, Antti Oskari
ContributorsSähköenergiatekniikka – Electrical Energy Engineering; Tieto- ja sähkötekniikan tiedekunta - Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering; Tampere University of Technology; Repo, Sami; Repo, Sami
AbstractThe power system’s frequency is kept at acceptable levels by maintaining a power bal-ance between the produced and consumed electric power in the power system. Tradi-tionally, the power system’s frequency control is done by controlling the supply side output power and matching it with the demand side consumption. However, the power balance could also be maintained by controlling the demand side loads. Demand re-sponse seeks to improve this utilization of demand side loads in frequency control. For the transmission system operators, that are responsible for frequency control, demand response offers potential solutions to some of the problems that the Nordic power system operation sees today. In this thesis is presented an aggregated model of electric, thermostat-controlled space heater loads, which can be used to analyze the compatibility of this type of electrical load for frequency control. With this model, simulations regarding the uncertainties, load forecasting and effects of frequency control action were carried out. From these simulations it could be concluded, that this type of electrical load can be utilized for load control, if the load population is large enough and the control action is not too long.
Typefi= Diplomityö | en=Master’s thesis (technology)|; masterThesis
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Formatvi, 65