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TitleTranslating Hebrews 8:13 into English accurately: some of the difficulties of Bible translation
AuthorAllen, Jane Elizabeth
Subject(s)BR Christianity; BS The Bible
AbstractInaccurate Bible translations are causing division in the church, division between faiths and other problems, but the complexity of Bible translation and quantity of translation approaches makes establishing accuracy difficult. This research has, therefore, created The Translator’s Freedom-Range Matrix to establish a lexeme’s semantic-range potential and test translations for inaccuracy allowing for purpose-driven acceptability, a range of translation approaches, and a translator’s artistic freedom. It analyses Greek texts of Heb. 8:13; lexical definitions of the verse’s keywords; how the keywords are used in the NT and LXX, and the verse’s logic, linguistic form, literary form, and context to establish its semantic-range potential. It then compares ancient translations and qualitatively measures the accuracy of one hundred and forty-nine English translations against the findings before analysing emails from Bible translators that provide their reasons for translating Heb. 8:13 as they did. It finds 75.17% of the Sample Translations of Heb. 8:13 have inaccuracies, and inaccuracies are caused by basic mistakes, doctrinal bias and not using all of the analysis components of the Bible translation process. Further research is, therefore, required to test the reliability of the findings, assess the impact of Bible translation inaccuracies and improve accuracy where inaccuracy is occurring.
Contributor.advisorHoughton, Hugh
Contributor.advisorWenell, Karen J.
TypeThesis; NonPeerReviewed
Identifier Allen, Jane Elizabeth (2020). Translating Hebrews 8:13 into English accurately: some of the difficulties of Bible translation. University of Birmingham. M.A.