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TitleAn analysis of the relationship between higher education and development by applying Sen's human capabilities approach : the case of three technological universities in Mexico
Author Crespo, Pedro Flores
AbstractReading for a PhD at York could not have been possible without the financial support of the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (Conacyt) and, more recently, of the Secretariat of Public Education (Sep). I thank both institutions for helping to meet my academic objectives. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor, Professor Haleh Afshar who taught me how to deal with the complexity of the academic world by giving me constructive comments and criticisms that have improved the quality of this dissertation. No doubt, Haleh has been a key person to improve my “functionings” as a researcher. Many people contributed at different points during the writing of this thesis. I am particularly grateful with doctors Roberto Rodriguez, Pablo Latapí Sarré, Rollin Kent, Carlos Muñoz Izquierdo, Felipe Martinez Rizo, Hugo Casanova, Julio Boltvinik, Fernando Arias Galicia and professors A. H. Halsey, Hugh Lauder and Walter W. MacMahon who kindly replied my e-mails or gave me part of their time to listen to my concerns about education and development (my apologies if I missed somebody). In constructing the research techniques I received the advice of Dr. Lorenza Villa. When I had problems, especially with some economic techniques, Alfonso Mendoza and Maria Elena Garcia were always in the mood of helping. During the pilot study and the field work, I received invaluable support from Dr. Arturo Nava, Jorge Acoltzi, Rosario Tapia, Javier Herrera, Gildardo Villalobos of the General Coordination of the UTs. I would like also to thank the logistic support of my friends of the GMCE: Silvia Coria, Dulce, Felipe, Eva Ruelas, and, my “eternal supervisor” Salvador Ruiz de Chávez. To apply 717 questionnaires and conduct more than a hundred interviews would have been an impossible task without the logistic support and facilities provided by the UTs. I am very grateful with Ing. Roberto Reyes, Nicolás Serna, Pascual Torres, contadora Ornelas, Esthela Maldonado and Alejandra of the UT of Neza; Mtro. Javier Hernández, Carlos M. Beckwith, Miguel A. Cruz, Gisela Girón, Angélica, Lorena and Horte of Tula; and Lie. Héctor Tiscareño, Juan Manuel Montañez, Paco, Daniel, Ricardo, Axel, Don Rafa, Jorge Marabotto, Amparo, Aurora, Claudine Ruiz-Esparza, Maru Robledo and Mónica Reyes of the UT of Aguascalientes. To my close friends Max Niño, Juancho Barron and Arturo Flores for their enjoyable company during this “academic” experience. Thanks, too, to those employers who illustrated with their particular visions this work. During the data collection process, I was very fortunate in meeting many committed graduates from Neza, Tula and Aguascalientes. Many thanks to all, this work is dedicated to them. Special thanks must go to Professor Amartya Sen with whom I had the chance to discuss a piece of this work. His comments were extremely useful in the final stage of my studies. To Heloise Brown, Sarah Marshall and Sam Clark for their remarkable proof reading. I would like also to thank the administrative and academic staff of the Department of Politics at York, especially, to my backup supervisors; Dr. Neil Carter, in the kickoff of the PhD, and Dr. Rob Aitken during the second half. Very special thanks to my family and friends for their love and support. They have flashed my life with happiness. To Deborah Fabri for her unconditional support and for sharing with me the sunshine of England.
PublisherUniversity of York
PublisherPolitics (York)
TypeThesis; NonPeerReviewed
Identifier Crespo, Pedro Flores (2002) An analysis of the relationship between higher education and development by applying Sen's human capabilities approach : the case of three technological universities in Mexico. PhD thesis, University of York.